On day 2 of the Christmas Cheer Challenge from The Supermom Wannabe we were to  CHOOSE AT LEAST ONE FUN, OUT-OF-THE-ORDINARY ACTIVITY TO DO WITH FAMILY OR FRIENDS. 

Now I, like many people, have certain places I like to go for my coffee, or to shop for clothes, or even to eat. But I’m also VERY spontaneous and other than a few set activities during the week, most of my time is spent “out of the ordinary”. But I checked out the list that was provided as a few options I could choose from and I decided to go for it.

Tonight my husband was in the recording studio. So the kids and I went to look for Christmas lights. Now mind you, it’s only November 29th, but there are some zealous people out there with their lights already up. So we found a few. The kids made it a game to see whose side had the most lights. Which then turned into a fight because the 2 year old just started pointing them out everywhere. *sigh*

It was fun though. During the ride we planned on a few more activities we just HAD to do this season. I’m keeping the list to 6. Because I know my limits on planned activities and how they will eventually pan out. Here is the list we decided on:

1) Look for more lights, and have dad do it with us

2) Put up and decorate the Christmas tree

3) Random act of kindness

4) Make a playlist

5) Build snowmen and have a snowball fight

6) See Santa

I’m curious to see if any of these activities will become a tradition. 

One tradition that we already have is, decorating Christmas cookies at grandma’s. 

Did you do something out of the ordinary today? What are your family traditions?