On day 10 of the challenge from The Supermom Wannabe we needed to: DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF

 With some suggestions and the confession of getting a mani-pedi herself, I decided to copy Kristen a bit and do an at home pedicure. 

I had a pedicure over the summer when my friend Sierra and I went to have a girl date. She and her family (hubby and 4 boys!) came to visit family and friends. It was very nice to have some girl time and, there was the fact that I hadn’t gotten a pedicure since I was pregnant with my daughter (5 years ago). 

I used to be a Jamberry consultant, so I have a TON of wraps still. Whenever I want to do my nails or toes I bust out my kit and leaf through all of the beautiful designs. However today I decided to go back to the basics. (Something this challenge has reminded me to do). So I went into my nail polish kit. You know the one that has 18 different brands of nail polish in 137 different colors, half of which are all dried up. And I grabbed… Sparkles.

I cut my toenails, pushed back my cuticles, painted and then lotioned up.  Ya’ll, this should be done more often. 

There’s something refreshing about a little bit of pampering. I suggest that you all go out and do something for yourself. Like Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford say,

Did you treat yo self today? What did you do?