Today’s challenge from The Supermom Wannabe was: SHOPPING DAY!!!!

Now my shopping day was a bit different than what she meant. Today my husband had to have some dental work done. We’re also expecting some snow here in Colorado, so there was a bit of prepping for that. 

I did however do a wrapping party (a bit). Which was another suggestion Kristen had. I have the main item that we got for everyone all wrapped up. Now I just need to buy a few details and finish wrapping. Also, one box from my Amazon shopping came today and a few of my Etsy gifts too. 

I tend to like to wrap everything at once. Not bits and pieces. Though that can be more stressful in the end, I feel much more organized when I can see everyone’s gifts in piles. Slowly but surely it’s all coming together. 

I’m hoping that this challenge will happen again next year. Mostly because I will forget how easy it’s made this season, compared to last year. 

Some wrapping (I’m all about the bags). 

How did your shopping day go? Or did you end up wrapping today too?