It is the last day of the challenge from The Supermom Wannabe

My day yesterday was a bit tragic. So I combined the challenges today. 



Yesterday started like any other. With my son screaming that he was awake. Apparently the entire Rocky Mountains needed to have this notification from him. 

I did math and reading flash cards with my daughter and played fort with both of them. All the meanwhile thinking that I’d rather be baking cookies than worrying about the appointment that I had that evening. The dentist. 

My dentist is an AMAZING woman. I’ve had my share of shoddy dentists, so the fact that I am willing to go to her says a lot. 

I needed to have a cavity filled. One that wasn’t visible before because my gums had so much scar tissue (from getting my wisdom teeth out) that it covered half of the tooth. *sigh* I go to the office and am doing fine. Then, out of no where I get a panic attack. 

 They had to give me gas to calm down. It worked very well and I ended up taking the gas off of myself because I didn’t like the dizzy feeling. (Though I did contemplate for a moment about using this time to take a nap)

My tooth is fixed and because of how deep the root is, I was given a script for pain meds. See why I like this dentist? On to the next day (today).

My mouth is just fine, and today I get to bake cookies and pay it forward. 

We’ve been given MANY MANY clothes for our kids from family and friends. Most of them are hand me downs. I’m extremely greatful for all of them. My pay it forward is to pass on the clothes that we no longer use. Instead of giving them to the thrift store and getting a 30% off coupon, I’m going to be giving a lawn and leaf bag of clothes to a mom/dad who need them for their kids. 

As for the cookies, we went to my mother in law’s and did our traditional cookie decorating with the kids. 

This is one of my favorite things to do. Each year you can see the kids get bigger and bigger. Plus, cookies!!

What are your family traditions? What’s your favorite holiday cookies?