On day 2 of my Couch to 5k adventure I got to rest. How great is that? The day after I start I get to rest. Ha!

One thing I’ve learned (thank you YouTube) about beginning to run is to just go at your own pace. Push yourself but don’t over do it. Over doing it can lead to injury or giving up in general. Because you pushed your body too hard and your spirit doesn’t want to continue. 

Story time:

I did crossfire once. And by once, I literally mean once. I went to the gym and it looked like every cross fit gym picture I’ve seen. (Thank you Instagram and Facebook friends). On the board was the workout regimen for the day and on the other wall was a bucket. A man came up and introduced himself. We’ll call him Chad, because I don’t remember what his actual name was. And though I don’t remember Chad’s real name, I will forever remember his words to me. 

“Welcome! Over here is our workout circuit that we change daily. And over there is the bucket in case you need to throw up. We’ll start in about 5 minutes.”

Me looking at the board, “Ummm…what’s a burpee?”

He had walked off by the time I had thought to ask this question. 

20 minutes later I died. I didn’t think this was how I was going to go out, but it was the end of my life. I knew it. I could feel my body shutting down and the light in my soul was starting to dim. No amount of water, food or tears were going to bring me back. Good bye cruel world. I think I’ll miss you most of all, Scarecrow. 

*Once I regained consciousness*

I picked up my 7 month old and somehow managed to get her in the car and safely home. 

For the next 2 weeks I hurt. Everywhere. It hurt to roll over in my sleep. 

Cross fit is the devil!

With all of that being said; I never did do cross fit again. I know people who swear by it. And I think that’s lovely. Crazy, but lovely. But I over did it. I had no idea what I was really getting into, and thus, didn’t know how my body was going to react. So with running, I’m taking it slow. And this time with some other words in my head. 

“Your running pace may be someone else’s jogging pace. And that’s okay. Because the fact of the matter is, this is for YOU, not them. So go at a pace that makes you want to wake up and do this again tomorrow.”

Until tomorrow,