On Day 3 we run. And what exactly am I supposed to be running in? I mean I have a ton of leggings (thank you Lularoe and my dealers for that), but I don’t want to ruin them. Because let’s be real, when you find your unicorn, you want to wear it everyday and put it in a preservation box all at the same time. Being a girl is hard. ESPECIALLY when it comes to clothes. 

I was blessed with both Target and Kohls gift cards this Christmas. I used them to buy a sports bra, running shorts, a long sleeved running shirt, a fleece running sweater and 2 tank tops. Most of these items were on clearence, which is my favorite area to shop. I also looked at the full price items and quickly ran back to the clearence area. 

Why do “running pants” cost $65!! That’s insane. I get that there is a lot of technology put into them. I do. And they’re in a store (who also needs to make a profit). But 1 pair of specified athletic wear should not cost more than the amount of money it takes to feed my family of 4 for a week.

At this point I turned to trusty Amazon and our glorious Prime account. 2 day free shipping? Okay! 

I bought a pair of pants, a sports bra and my new favorite running shirt. 


So this is my suggestion for you. Shop around. If you have Amazon Prime, go look there. You’re paying for the Prime account for a reason. If you don’t please remember this, you are going to be sweating, bleeding, snotting and crying on your running clothes. You’re not going to the Oscars. Name brands are nice, but not necessary. No offense to UnderArmor but my LookATool pants for $8.90 will do just fine.

Until Tomorrow,