Today was a rest day. And by golly, my body needed it. I decided to go on an almost 3 mile walk/jog yesterday. It was cold, but I felt great afterwards. Then at night I fell into bed. I was exhausted. 

Before I go running I stretch. I had found a few good videos on YouTube about stretching and I do them every time. 

Pre run stretch
This is a good pre run stretch. In massage therapy school I learned that the I.T. band is the most unhappy muscle in the body. After I started running, I found this to be true. But the video above shows a stretch to help with that. 

Post run stretch
This is a good post run stretch. I do it as part of my cool down. Both are super simple and very minimal. No equiptment needed. I used a tree once for the calf stretch. 

Another thing to keep in mind while running, is posture. After talking to my chiropractor about some mid back tightness/achiness, he advised me to look up when running. Not down at my feet. I don’t look at my feet when I walk, so why do it when running?

Stretch and keep you head up. 

Until Tomorrow,