Speaking of running. If you don’t want to look like a raccoon after your run, try running without makeup. 

I would like to say that I don’t care what people thinking about me and the way I look, but I’d be a liar. Because even on simple days when I just need to go to the gas station, I still put on foundation and mascara. However, since I’ve started running, I’ve also noticed how gross my face is after I run with makeup on. 

Please remember that this running thing is for YOU. It has to be. Sure you can run in a group or even just with a partner, but running is an individual activity. (Unless you’re doing a three legged race, in which case, you should be training differently). 

Running and makeup don’t mix. When you sweat, your pores open to let out said sweat, and then your makeup will go in and clog your pores. Toxicity can build up if sweat isn’t able to be released properly. What you should be putting on your face is sunscreen and lip balm, if you’re running outside. Make sure you remember skin protection before thinking about skin “beautification”. Personally after I run I wash my face, because I feel sticky and gross. That’s a huge waste of makeup if I’m just going to wash it off afterwards. 

Now there have been ocations when I have my makeup on for the day, and I run in the evening. It happens. I’m not perfect, and I don’t always take my own advice. 

Try though. Try to do this for yourself. Remember when I talked about your workout clothes and this being exercise not the Oscars? Same rule applies with makeup. It’s not necessary. You’re beautiful. Flushed and sweaty, but beautiful. If you’re doing this right, you won’t have time to take a selfie anyway (mine was post run btw). Do this for YOU. Not the hott guy next to you on the treadmill. I mean he didn’t put makeup on to impress you, so don’t do it for him. 

Pinterest has tips, on tips on tips about wearing makeup while working out. Get off of Pinterest and onto the treadmill/pavement. The later will do more for you in the end anyway. 

Until Tomorrow,