If you didn’t already know this, I am a stay at home mom who homeschools and works 4 nights a week. Finding the time to run is difficult. It usually happens during nap time or after my husband gets home from work. 

On the days that my husband works from home, I can get a run in during nap time. Or like yesterday, when I went to go get the car from the mechanic. Sometimes I need to get creative though, because it’s not worth it to hire a babysitter for an hour, just so I can go for a run. 

I actually had to plan ahead with doing the couch to 5k. I started it on a Friday. A day when both of my kids go to an actual school (my son is in preschool for 1.5 hours and my daughter for the whole day). Then my husband works from home on Tuesdays. With running every other day and resting on the off days, this actually worked out REALLY well. But that’s not everybody’s schedule. My advice is to plan ahead. If there is a day that you’re supposed to run, but can’t, then plan on when you can. Don’t ever go three days in a row without running/walking. And as much as it sucks, you might need to find a babysitter/friend/family to watch your kiddo(s) for a while so that you can get your run in. 

Worst comes to worst, make your own track. In your home, around your back yard, or like me around the car ports in our town home community (looking like a crazy person). I’ve taken the monitor with me during nap time and ran outside (I now know the range of my monitor). Hell, take your kids with you. You may not beat You PR, but you’ll get your day in. It’s hard, but not impossible.  

Until Tomorrow,