Today was a run day. It was also the day I finally got 2 permanent crowns put on my teeth. 

I get extreme anxiety at the dentist. Thankfully she has nitrous on tap. I also had to get novacane. Through all of the dental work leading up to today, I had also found out that I have an extra nerve in my jaw that only 3% of the population has (thank you genetics). Needless to say, I didn’t want to run today. I wanted to curl up in my jammies and eat ice cream. 

Things need to get done though. The car needed to be picked up from the mechanic and I needed to get my body moving, or this would become a rut. I decided to walk there. 

On the way I tried running, but the pressure and jolting from my foot hitting the pavement was too much. But, I did walk. I threw on a podcast (Dear Hank and John) and walked for 2 miles. No pain, and I felt great. 

Even when I’m not feeling it, I need to get my butt up and do it. Because tomorrow is a rest day, and I can’t freaking wait. 

What did you do to push yourself today?

Until Tomorrow,