I think one of my favorite things about reading about the different 5k’s that can be run, is beer at the end. 

Now this post has absolutely no judgement in it. I’ve just done some research and self evaluation.

There are 100’s of exercises out there on how to get rid of a beer belly. Most nutritionists and exercise trainers will tell you to cut back (if not cut out completely) on alcohol. Alcohol has empty calories. Meaning there’s no nutritional value in the calories that you consume. 

I myself love rum. Rum and pineapple juice to be more specific. It’s okay to endulge every now and then. As with most things. Just make sure you know your limits. If drinking makes you want to sleep more or you’re too hung over the next day to get out and move, then cut back. You’re not helping yourself at all. 

Here’s an interesting chart that kind of made my jaw drop:

Mmmmmm Mai Tai

Here’s a challenge for you. Limit your alcohol intake until the end of Couch to 5k. See how you feel compared to before. We’ll celebrate at the end with a round of shots. 

Until Tomorrow,