Running and weight loss. They do go hand in hand. There are many ups and downs with it though. 

As you run, you get more tone. Your body starts to use up your fat in order to give you energy. For me, I’ve lost 7lbs and 5″ over all. That is something I’m THRILLED about. I carry most of weight in my thighs and butt. It’s something as a younger girl I HATED. I’m not busty and I’ve got a booty. As an adult, I’ve embraced it. There’s not much I can do about it, so I might as well love what I’ve got.

(The hills are alive with the sound of music)

Here’s a big thing to remember. Muscle weighs more than fat. 7lbs gone is awesome. But it may come back later. I’m feeling amazing. My clothes aren’t as tight, my energy level is up and the thoughts inside of my head aren’t as loud as they used to be. So do yourself a favor and throw your scale out the window. Measure yourself with a tape measurer, that’ll give you your real results. 

Every body is different too. Don’t compare your results to mine or anyone else’s. You WILL have results, give it time. Just make sure you’re doing enough to actually have results. Keep it up!!

Until Tomorrow,