What is your running why?

Experts will say that whenever you take on a project, you should have a ‘why’. And you should re-evaluate your ‘why’ throughout the time it takes you to complete your project. Figure out your motivation. Whether it’s a new job, a hobbie, learning something new, etc. 

My ‘why’ was to get healthier. Three weeks have passed and my ‘why’ has changed a bit. It’s still to get healthier, but this past week it’s been to quite my thoughts. When running, I get to listen to music, a podcast, or even my own breathing. I also have learned to push myself past what I thought I could handle. 

I’m sure my ‘why’ will change again and again. So I’ll re-evaluate in a few more weeks. 

What is your ‘why’? What project are you working on? Has your ‘why’ changed?

Until Tomorrow,