I’ve had the opportunity throughout this challenge to run both on a treadmill and outside. I really like both. 

With running outside you get fresh air and a constant change of scenery. There’s also external challenges. Other people, puddles, potholes, sidewalks disappearing randomly (or being cover with ice), weather, etc. Music can affect your pace as well. 

With a treadmill you have a controlled environment. Fans, cleanliness (to an extent), no weather issues, etc. Plus, you can listen to podcasts instead of music, because the treadmill controls your pace, so the beat of music isn’t a factor. 

I think when it really comes down to it, I’d rather be outside. It makes it more of an adventure. Plus I get to know the terrain, so when the zombies come I’ll know which areas to avoid. You think I’m kidding. 

What do you like best? If it’s a treadmill, do you own one or go to a gym?

I’m in the process of buying one for my home. But for now I’m going to a gym to use one. 

Until Tomorrow,